Timeless Mid Century Modern Decorating Amazon Prime Day

Timeless Mid Century Modern Decorating Amazon Prime Day.  

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Like everyone else on planet earth, I am pre-shopping for Amazon Prime Day, which starts on Monday, July 16th.  I like putting items, in my Amazon shopping basket, and moving them to my “save for later” lists.  Prices are expected to drop as low as 50% on some items.  So, i’m “saving for later” to take advantage of the reductions.  The sale will run for 36 hours, ending on Tuesday, July 17th.  We’ve put together a mood board below to give you some ideas and inspiration, using only items from Amazon.  Now is the time to get that timeless mid century modern decorating that will never go out of style.

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Items pictured above:

  1. Pillow Perfect, Sky Gold and Grey
  2. Rivet Copper Metallic Print
  3. Emerald Home Walnut End Table
  4. Rivet Sloane Mid Century Tufted Chair, in Shell
  5. Stone & Bean Modern Triangle Pattern Stoneware
  6. Rivet Allyson Mid Century Two Shelf Adjustable coffee table
  7. Stone & Beam Rustic Acorn Shaped Stoneware Box
  8. Rivet Slone Mid Century Tufted Sofa, in Shell
  9. Rivet Modern Ombre Wool  Rug, various sizes