Rustic Fall Farmhouse Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe

How to start a Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe – Rustic Fall Farmhouse Style

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Start with 4 neutral essentials as your foundation:

The Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe starts with a good foundation, and rotates accessories as the seasons change.  Start with your favorite sofa and chair.  Use a nesting table, because it can be used as both a coffee table, and an end table.  Add a quality floor lamp.  That’s your foundation.

Seasonal Decor

Just as your fashion wardrobe requires more layers in the fall, your home decor needs blanket throws for chilly nights.  Choose 2 or 3 colors to play around with.  You’ll need your favorite wall art.  Decorative pillows for the sofa, or the chair, are also a must.  You’ll need a throw rug you can roll in (and roll out) as the seasons change.  The wall art, the pillows, and the rug, should all  contain similar flecks of color for a cohesive look.  However, they should not all be the same solid color, less the look will be too matchy-matchy.  

A Few Words About Plants

Now, more than ever, plants are important in an indoor space.    As the days get shorter, and we spend more time indoors, we need plants to clean the air inside.  Plants keep us happy, as they represent life. If you have no green thumb, don’t be afraid to add faux plants.  (Later, we will talk about real plants that are impossible to kill.  So look out for that.)  Plants complete the room.  If you are craving visual clarity, you can stop here and be done with the look.

Add Optional Layers

If you are craving visual plenty, you may require a bit more to realize the look you desire.  Therefore, consider adding optional layers. Now is the time to start thinking about hygge (hoo-guh), the Danish concept of coziness and happiness.  Poufs, baskets, and candle lanterns, are not only beautiful, they are also cozy,  And voila!  A rustic fall farmhouse living room.  

So what’s happening in this Rustic Fall Farmhouse Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe?:

  1. Previously used, neutral essentials are staying.
  2. Just a few new items are being added.
  3. Seasonal decor is being switched out.
  4. Optional layers are added according to your unique individual style.

The goal is…… with each passing season, you’re not out shopping for a complete overhaul of your room decor.  (Just as you wouldn’t completely overhaul your closet wardrobe each season).  That’s the idea.

So, we are coming to the end of summer, and saying goodbye to summer is not easy.  Check out our post on Back to School College Dorm Room Decor, if you have  loved one heading to college in September.  

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Items featured in this post:

  1. Peony Floor lamp, black
  2. Blackburn Ave. Sofa, cream 
  3. Nesting table
  4. Blackburn Ave. Chair, cream
  5. Geometric throw blanket, black/white
  6. Stockholm IV art print
  7. Modern Photo of White Horse in a Brown Frame
  8. Oversized Brown Leather Pillow
  9. Black and Ivory Geometric pillow
  10. Graphic Leather Pillow
  11. Onyx Mudcloth Pillow
  12. Zuma Black Farmhouse Rug
  13. Hanging birds nest fern
  14. Birds nest fern
  15. Moroccan pouf
  16. Coastal Pumpkin Basket
  17. Navy and Orange Pouf
  18. Koravase, deep orange
  19. Lanterns
  20. Table art – Mason ball jar
  21. Table art – Pumpkin scented candle