More Timeless Mid Century Modern Amazon Prime Day  

More Timeless Mid Century Modern Amazon Prime Day 

More Timeless Mid Century Modern Amazon Prime Day mid century modern living room Amazon Prime Day Home decor timeless decor modern contemporary modern decor amazon prime home decor ideas

You have probably seen several posts that curate pieces from the Amazon Prime Day sale.  I was able to curate another look.  This time, with cooler tones like blue and grey.  I think it’s a really good idea to take a second look at the pieces you can get on Amazon.  They partner with retailers of all stripes, so getting that timeless mid century modern look doesn’t have to break the bank.  Furthermore, once you know how to construct a bare bones basic color scheme in a living room, a site like Amazon gives you endless art, pillow, and rug options to switch out seasonally.  I hope you enjoy this mood board posted below.  Leave a comment.  Thank you!

Items pictured above:

  1. Rivet Abstract Brushed Blue and Yellow Canvas Print
  2. Shibori Blue Pillow Cover
  3. Rivet Allyson Mid Century Two Shelf Adjustable coffee table
  4. Stone & Beam Modern Tall Vase, blue – sold out – try THIS ONE. 
  5. Emerald Home Walnut End Table
  6. White Wavy Ceramic Planter 
  7. Ceramic Succulent Planter 
  8. Rivet Revolve 80″ 3-Seater Modern Sofa, Grey Weave
  9. Rivet Abstract Reflection Wool Rug, blue