How to Rotate Seasonal Decor

How to Rotate Seasonal Decor – Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe

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A Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe is a collection of home decor items and furniture, curated to your individual taste.  First, the most expensive parts of the capsule can be considered your “permanent collection”.  Your sofa, your armchair, your coffee and accent tables, and your lighting, are part of your permanent collection. If chosen wisely, you can keep these foundational pieces for a very long time. (You can see in the picture above, we kept the same sofa, the same coffee table, and the same accent tables).  

Next, “seasonal decor” is the home decor you rotate in and out of rooms as the seasons change.  Throw pillows, wall art, blanket throws, and rugs, are all part of your seasonal decor.  Avoid having everything the same color to avoid being matchy-matchy.  Lastly, add optional layers, like candles and vases.  Now your room is complete. 

How to Rotate Seasonal Decor from Summer to Fall

It’s August.  Therefore, the home decor capsule picture in this blog post,  shows a transition from summer to fall.  That means soft blues give way to orange, red, and gold.  However, the transition to fall, can mean something completely different for you.  Perhaps you like a shift from soft lilacs to deep purple as the seasons change?  I think that would be lovely, and you should give this style of decorating a try. You pull out your Christmas tree once a year.  So why not pull out your fall seasonal decor once a year?  Visitors will notice how you mix things up.  Guests will appreciate your elevated style.

Shop Your Home

Maybe you have already have a beige rug with flecks of gold in your attic?  If so, pull it out, and find some affordable wall art to coordinate with it.  Then find some throw pillows in similar colors for a cohesive look.   The whole goal is to maintain your individual style on a budget, so that as the seasons change, you are not out purchasing a complete room overhaul.  

Shopping with a Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe as Your Guide

If you don’t already have it at home, you’re gonna have to shop for it.  So look at some of the suggestions in this blog post.  Click on and shop the links.  When you click on one of our links, you help support this blog.  We receive a few pennies of commission when you click on our links, at no additional cost to you.

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Links of the Summer items pictured above:

    1. Abstract Wall art, summer
    2. Ikat throw pillow
    3. Summer pouf
    4. Sunbrella sea basket
    5. Blue Henley Rug
    6. Easy indoor plants
    7. Blue lumbar pillow
    8. Malaga Beach wall art

Links of the Fall items pictured above:

      1. Floral art
      2. Copper velvet pillow
      3. Moroccan pouf
      4. Sunbrella pumpkin basket
      5. Boho Alina Kilim Rug
      6. Succulents1 – or Succulents 2
      7. Kilim Pillow (sold out!) – or Kilim Pillow 2 – or Kilim Pillow 3 
      8. Framed Tropical Art