How to Rotate Seasonal Decor for Spring and Summer

How to Rotate Seasonal Decor for Spring and Summer

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This is an odd post for October, but I’m inspired to show viewers what their rooms will look like when the days are longer again, and it’s time to switch back to airy, lighter colors. First, the basics.  A home decor capsule wardrobe is a collection of furniture and home decor items.  Some of the more expensive parts of the capsule are your essential pieces of furniture like:

These foundational pieces are perennial favorites to love all year round.  You’ve carefully chosen them.  You could rearrange them around the room, but you generally don’t move them out.  Onto the next part.

How to Rotate Seasonal Decor for Spring and Summer

Next, you rotate in (and out) your favorite seasonal items.  Maybe each year, you buy one or two new items. Maybe not.  If you’ve chosen wisely, you could shop your home first, and use what you already have.  The seasonal items include:

  • Wall art
  • Throw pillows
  • Rugs
  • Table art, sculptures, artifacts, souvenirs from travel
  • Coffee table books

Think of it as Christmas decorating, but for fall and spring.  Each year, you put up a Christmas tree, and all of the trimmings.  Well, this is similar, except you change the look of your rooms each fall and spring (and summer, or winter), to give your home that refresh it needs, as the seasons change.

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Items pictured above:

Graphic Black and Gold:

  1. Gold Eternal Loop Table Sculpture
  2. Black, TangDepot Cotton Solid Throw Pillow Covers
  3. Black Wall Art. Phases of the Moon
  4. Edie Sedgwick, 1966 Framed Art Print by Andy Warhol
  5. Abstract Black and White Painting on Grunge Paper
  6. Wall Art Deco Geometry, Black 
  7. Lexie Area Rug, black/white/grey
  8. Weeki Wachee Spring Florida – 1947

Blush Rose Gold:

  1. Small Hammered Copper Bowl
  2. Pink Throw Pillow
  3. Wall Art – Gainsborough
  4. Wall Art – Minimalism 1
  5. Puppy Art
  6. Gold Marble Wall Art
  7. Hand Tufted Moroccan Triangle Area Rug
  8. Wall Art: Make Your Own Luck

Other items pictured above: