How to Decorate in Any Style


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How to Decorate in Any Style

Have you had enough modern home decor, and you want to go back to something a little more traditional?  Maybe you’ve never updated your spaces in the first place, and feel it’s a good time to go modern?  Did you know there are distinct, identifiable elements in each home decor genre?  Once you decide you need a change, you’ll be happy to know how interchangeable home decor can be, and how easy it is to change home decor styles.  First, let’s compare two home decor styles, then we will see how easy it is to decorate in any style, within the framework of the Home Decor Wardrobe Capsule.

Modern decor

First, if you struggle to identify what is modern, look for these features:

  • Clean lines
  • Abstract art
  • Netural tones
  • Calm, serene spaces
  • Use of natural materials
  • No curvy lampshades.  Lampshades range from straight and square to angular and industrial, but no traditional curves.

Transitional decor

Next, transitional decor is often compared to Traditional decor, because it goes back to softer, curvier lines, without going all the way back to traditional skirted sofas and heavy furniture pieces.  An abundance of these features in your favorites will indicate you prefer transitional home decor:

  • Antique rugs that have been re-dyed or distressed.
  • Abstract art is mixed with floral prints (see graphic above).
  • Formal portraits, usually art prints, that have been distressed or softened.
  • Steel or powder coated matte black metal in the place of brass or nickel.
  • Curvy, but not tufted sofas, and chairs.
  • Sofas are not as airy as modern sofa, or up on legs, nor are they skirted, as a traditional sofa would be.

Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe

Then, how to decorate in any style? Is it costly or time consuming?  No.  Within the framework of the Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe, switching decor styles is easy.  Your foundation pieces should be set:  Favorite sofa, coffee table, end tables.  These pieces are pricey, heavy to move, and therefore not easy to change around.  The foundational pieces stay in your space season after season.

Rotating your accessories

Ok then, what changes? Accessories change, as the seasons change, as your mood changes. Accessories are the interchangeable decor parts within the Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe.  In the graphic above, we changed: wall art, throw pillows, rugs, table art, and sometimes, lighting.  These changes created a whole new look.  We hope you can use this graphic to visualize your next room refresh.  We know your visitors will appreciate your versatility and elevated style.  Yes, redecorating in any style is easy. 

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Modern Classic items shown above.

  1. Large Succulent and Cactus Planter Pot
  2. Modern Velvet Geese Silhouette Pillow
  3. Indigo Five Wall Art
  4. Escher’s Segulls by Michael Kahn
  5. X-Ray Nautilus Shells George Taylor
  6. Maidenhair (black on white) Denise Duplock Wall Art
  7. Printed Boucherouite Rug
  8. Caroline Floor Lamp

Traditional Transitional items shown above.

  1. Creative Co-op DA5355 Blue & White Ceramic Ginger Jar with Lid
  2. Americanflat Begin Again Pillow by Olimpia Piccoli
  3. Retro Mod Small Navy Wall Art
  4. Amoebic Party II by Ann Marie Coolick Canvas Art
  5. Indigo Garden Wall art
  6. Macrame Blue V Wall art
  7. Blue Henley Area Rug
  8. Floor Lamp (This lamp is quite modern with its square lampshade).