Home Decor Wardrobe Capsule New Bohemian

How to start a Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe – New Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style Home Decor | Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe | Home Decor Ideas | DIY Home Decor | #Eclectic #Bohemian #HomeDecorCapsuleWardrobe #DIYHomeDecor #TimelessDecor #HomeDecorIdeas #Furniture Timeless Decor | Home Decor Ideas | Eclectic | Furniture New Bohemian Style is so exciting for those who crave visual plenty.  You can do so much fun layering with colors and patterns, and here is a real opportunity to give soul to your rooms, with the souvenirs you bring back from your travels.  

Start with 4 neutral pieces as your foundation:

This home decor capsule wardrobe begins with an eclectic floor lamp.  Add a curvy sofa, a nesting table, and a chair.  These timeless classics, will never go out of style.  (Maybe the lamp, will, but it’s cool, and funky, so if you must, choose something more tame).

Seasonal decor

Next step.  Layer in seasonal decor.  In the spirit of freedom and travel, we have placed fresh, new items into our Home Decor Wardrobe Capsule.  Plants, pillows, throws, and cool vases.  Plants are essential to bohemian style.  They symbolize life and living things.  They help clean indoor and outdoor air.  

Add Optional Layers

Finally, we add all of the items that make a room look funky, yet tasteful. A comfy pouf, and a sleek vase, with lanterns for lighting at night.  This is a great scene for hygge (Danish cozy) and entertaining as the sunsets.  It’s all about creating a mood.  So use this home decor capsule as a base, and build your own vibe.  Those of you who love comfy, cozy decor, but crave visual clarity, will love our Modern Farmhouse Home Decor Capsule.    Leave a comment below if you like this combo, and send us a picture if you decide to re-create it in your own home.  Thanks!

Items featured:

  1. Urchin Rattan Floor Lamp
  2. Blackburn Avenue Sofa, choice of colors
  3. Nesting Coffee/End Table, hairpin
  4. Blackburn Avenue Chair, choice of colors
  5. Global Embroidered Throw
  6. Floral and Bird Canvas Print
  7. Tropical Leaves Print
  8. Throw Pillows: Orange, Green, Ikat
  9. Alina Throw Rug, multi
  10. Indoor Palm Plant
  11. Handmade Leather Moroccan Pouf
  12. Woven Baskets
  13. Koravase, silk blue
  14. Moroccan-style Lanterns