Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe Modern Farmhouse

How to start a Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe – Modern Farmhouse Style

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Who doesn’t love a good modern farmhouse look?  It’s cozy.  It reminds us of home.  It reminds us of days past at grandma’s house.  It reminds us of grandma’s good cooking.  Did you know, the look can be modernized and streamlined to fit any taste or budget?  The secret is a Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe.  

 A Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe is a collection of home decor items and furniture, curated to your individual taste.  Some parts of it can be considered your “permanent collection”.  First, your sofa, your armchair, your accent tables, and your floor lamps, are part of your permanent collection. If chosen wisely, you can keep these foundational pieces for a very long time. Next, “seasonal decor” is the home decor you rotate in and out of rooms as the seasons change.  

Seasonal Decor

Just as your fashion wardrobe requires more layers in the fall, your home decor needs blanket throws for the sofa or the chair.  You’ll need your favorite wall art.  Decorative pillows for the sofa or the chair are also a must.  You’ll need a throw rug that you can roll in (and roll out) as the seasons change.  The wall art, the pillows, and the rug, should all  contain similar flecks of color for a cohesive look.  However, they should not all be the same solid color, less the look will be too matchy-matchy.  If you are craving visual clarity, you can stop there and be done with the look.

Add Optional Layers

Finally, if you are craving visual plenty, you may require a bit more to realize the look of your room.  Therefore, consider adding optional layers.  Poufs, baskets, and candle lanterns, are beautiful and cozy.  A pretty vase, or a wooden bowl for snacks, is also a civilized way to warm up a room.  And voila!  Instant Modern Farmhouse.  

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Items featured in this post:

  1. Dot and Bo Industrial Peony LED Floor Lamp, black
  2. Blackburn Avenue Sofa
  3. Nesting Coffee Table / End Table
  4. Blackburn Avenue Chair
  5. Dot and Bo Farmhouse Throw
  6. Tree Rings Wall Art Print
  7. Woven Nook Decorative Throw Pillow, covers only
  8. nuLOOM Flat Weave Solid Tassel Area Rugs, 5′ x 8′, Grey
  9. White Ceramic Planter
  10. Marina del Rey pouf
  11. Rustic Woven Netting Baskets
  12. Acorn-shaped Stoneware Box
  13. Farmhouse Candle Lantern
  14. Wooden Bowls