Copper and Grey Accents


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Why do Copper and Grey Suit Each Other?

Perhaps the reason grey works so well with copper accents, is that the two colors strike the right balance of warm and cool.  Grey, can be very cooling and serene, while copper (and rose gold) can be very warm and uplifting.  This contrast creates a harmonic balance rooted in color theory.  Color theory is not an exact science, but it is based on the spectrum of colors created by white light.  Part of color theory believes we can convey a mood using color, and that warm colors, pared with cool colors, provide some of the most aesthetically pleasing moments.  

Copper and Grey as Sources of Room Decor Inspiration

So, this post is about using copper and grey as sources of room decor inspiration.  First, navy, grey, and copper, come together in one look.  Then, we pull together blush, grey, and copper as a second look.  Using the same furniture, we can change a room, and create elevated style.  (Although we focus on color in this post, patterns and shapes matter too!  We explored patterns that satisfy visual plenty vs. patterns that satisfy visual clarity in previous posts.)

The Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe

In the graphic above, the sofa, coffee table, side table, lamps, and rugs stay the same.  So what changed?  Using our design concept, The Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe, we simply changed the artwork and the throw pillows, for a whole new look.  Read more about the Home Decor Capsule in this post, and in that post.  Read more about Color Theory here.  Do you like these two looks?  What  color combinations would you use?  Leave us a comment below.  Subscribe to our newsletter, and be notified when a new blog is posted.

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Items pictured above:

  1. Mugod Decorative Throw Pillow, Denim
  2. Palette No. 33 Framed Art Print by Parimastudio
  3. Lucie Framed Art Print by Sylviedemes
  4. The Blue Village Framed Art Print by Simon
  5. Gardens of Capitola Framed Art
  6. Zuo Cage Coffee Table, Rose Gold
  7. Zuo Cage Side Table, Rose Gold
  8. Euro Style Collection, Copper Table Lamp
  9. Velvet Pink Throw Pillow Cover
  10. Bright Hot Bouquet Art Print by By Dylan M
  11. Sunday Walk Canvas Print by Laderkistudio
  12. Barragan Pink Art Print by Anne Paravion
  13. Eloise Abstract Painting Framed Art Print by Mari_orr
  14. Sofa: Sutton Sofa in Mountain Grey, by Apt2B
  15. Pouf: Jaipur Solid Pattern Grey Wool Pouf
  16. Rug: Bailey Area Rug  by World Market 5Ft3″x7Ft7″